Gartner Report: "How to Select a Recognition and Rewards Solution to Boost Employee Motivation and Engagement"

November 18, 2019 Sarah Mulcahy

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Gartner report

For organizations large and small, implementing HR technology is a significant investment in time and resources that has far-reaching impacts on the business and the employee experience. And yet, according to global advisory firm Gartner, “many application and HR leaders miss the opportunity to make their investments go further.” For example, have you considered the impact your recognition and reward program could have on health and safety metrics? Security awareness? Job referrals? Wellness? Performance management?

In the new report, “How to Select a Recognition and Rewards Solution to Boost Employee Motivation and Engagement,”* Gartner recommends five ways companies can be more strategic and drive greater ROI when implementing recognition and reward technology.

Below are a few of our recommendations based on this new research:

  1. Partner with business units. Some organizations struggle to gain buy-in and adoption on recognition and reward programs. One way to fix this is to partner with business unit heads to find out which initiatives they’re driving that could be centralized into one overarching program for greater transparency and efficiency. These initiatives could include things like a push for zero accidents on the shop floor or elevating customer experience.
  2. Leverage post-implementation support services. Beware of hyper-focusing on features and functionality. According to Gartner, the real difference when it comes to vendors is in their levels of post-implementation support. The best vendors are more like partners, helping you keep the program fresh and top of mind with employees long after the initial launch.
  3. Pay attention to reward fulfillment. Just as you want to make it easier for employees to recognize good work, you want your new solution to make award redemption as smooth as possible. If your company is global with employees in developing countries, consider which vendor has localized fulfillment to meet your needs.
  4. Focus on user experience. Many buyers will focus on the experience of giving and receiving recognition. While this certainly important, pay attention to other users, too, such as managers looking for reports on performance management. What is their experience like with the new technology? What about the HR experience? How feasible is it to manage the solution without significant handholding from your vendor or additional costs?
  5. Integrate performance management with recognition. Though many companies are moving away from traditional performance management, there are continuous performance management processes like check-ins and feedback requests that need to be documented. Integrating these processes with recognition makes for a better user experience and helps elevate the quality of performance conversations throughout the year. Check with your vendor to make sure the technology helps account for feedback across the spectrum from positive to constructive, and integrates with email and other collaboration tools to ensure increased adoption.

Are you ready to get more ROI for your recognition and reward investment? Get more details and research in the new report, “How to Select a Recognition and Rewards Solution to Boost Employee Engagement.”


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*Gartner How to Select a Recognition and Rewards Solution to Boost Employee Motivation and Engagement, Chris Pang, Melanie Lougee, 20 September 2019

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