Eric Mosley

Co-founder & CEO

“Culture is destiny. A culture and people lifted up by positivity is an unstoppable force.”

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Eric Mosley

Steve Cromwell

Chief Accounting Officer

"Employee recognition is not a fluffy HR initiative. Strategic employee recognition increases the bottom line through improved employee engagement and performance."

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Lauren E. Zajac

Chief Legal Officer/Data Protection Officer

"Social recognition isn’t just the right approach to engage employees, it’s also one of smartest ways to run a global business."

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Steve Pemberton

Chief Human Experience Officer

"To achieve success in today’s workplace, we must be committed to inspiring and empowering one another day in and day out."

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Chris French

Executive Vice President, Customer Strategy

"The way to truly drive business performance is by looking at the collective workforce – ensuring they are not only recognized, but also feel empowered to recognize others."

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Jonathan Hyland

Chief Technology Officer

"The opportunity for recognition should never be limited. Sales or IT, HR or Accounting, all contributing employees should have an equal chance to be recognized for their talent and their effort."

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Sarah Whitman

Senior Vice President of eCommerce

"Social recognition allows organizations to leverage reward systems to drive positive reinforcement and build more human workplaces where employees feel inspired to go above and beyond for their organizations."

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Derek Irvine

Senior Vice President, Client Strategy & Consulting

"Frequently and appropriately recognize your employees’ everyday accomplishments and you will be rewarded with a loyal, hardworking and over-performing team."

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Jason Griggs

Senior Vice President of Global Sales

"Organizations that leverage social recognition have significant competitive advantage in the marketplace, with results including higher employee engagement, improved productivity, and lower turnover.”

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Jim O’Dea

Senior Vice President of Operations

"The most effective (and efficient!) employee recognition programs are built upon integrated global strategies and processes."

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Patti Fletcher

Vice President of Brand Marketing

"By unlocking the impact of human connection in the workplace, leaders are able to cultivate a culture of belonging where people can truly bring their whole selves to work, where tribes are formed, and where impact-based relationships transcend time.”

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Chris DeMeo

Vice President of Customer Acquisition, Retention, & Advocacy

"Recognition is the most direct and powerful way to unlock the full potential of humanity in the workplace. Its ability to positively fuel engagement, connectedness, and performance is unlimited."

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Grant Beckett

Vice President, Product Strategy

"Elevating recognition to a true business initiative that drives culture change requires the right tools to allow hundreds of thousands of globally dispersed employees to thank each other appropriately, equitably, and with cultural sensitivity."

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Jesse Harriott

Global Head of Analytics

"Workhuman helps organizations unlock the power of their people to drive great results. The impact shows up in the data and is undeniable."

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Niamh Graham

Senior Vice President of Global Human Experience.

"Our people are the power behind Workhuman. Our aim is to hire the best, retain the best, and promote the best ... and of course, we want to walk 'our' talk internally!"

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