Eric Mosley

Co-founder & CEO & Board Member

“Culture is destiny. A culture and people lifted up by positivity is an unstoppable force.”

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Eric Mosley

Board Members

Eric Mosley

"Culture is destiny. A culture and people lifted up by positivity is an unstoppable force."

Barry Maloney

“Workhuman is changing the way work is being done. We enable businesses to develop deeper relationships with their employees, recognising them as people and connecting them to each individual company’s culture and business objectives”

Vidya Peters

“In an increasingly distributed work environment, there is a deepening human need to be seen and valued. Workhuman helps organizations invest in and recognize their employees - because when people feel valued, they are empowered to create valuable customer experiences.”

Noreena Hertz

"In these challenging times ensuring your employees are productive and engaged is key. By helping create deeper and more meaningful bonds between your workforce Workhuman has a proven track record in helping companies deliver on both these fronts. In an age in which emotions drive economics Workhuman is an investment with a clear ROI that smart companies across the world are making."

Annrai O’Toole

“Workhuman is building the platform to enable businesses all over the world to better engage their workforce through the power of the countless individual moments when we recognize and reward our colleagues when they do a great job for the team.”

Chuck Kane

“Your employees are your most important asset… treat them accordingly.”

Ryan Moore

“I believe that most of the value creation in the business is not the idea, but the execution of the idea. Workhuman is a platform to measure, recognize and reward execution.”