Top 5 takeaways from the Workhuman Executive Forums

October 3, 2019 Amy Rice

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What do accountability, gratitude, and ditching the drama have in common? Each of these seemingly disparate topics were tackled at the Workhuman® Executive Forums last week in San Francisco and New York.

At the close of these day-long sessions, it was clear that senior HR leaders need to embrace transparency and human-centric strategies to solve their biggest challenges in today’s fluid, high-accountability workplaces.

These Executive Forums facilitate open and honest dialogue, and the lively discussions and content presented highlights just how similar our challenges are and underscores the importance of employee engagement and people-focused strategies.

In San Francisco, Cy Wakeman spoke about the necessity of reality-based leadership and why bringing your evolved self to work ensures a high level of accountability to both the employee and the employer. And in New York, Ozan Varol took attendees through the mind of a rocket scientist and highlighted the importance of contrarian thinking when solving small and large business problems.

Below are my top five takeaways from the first two Executive Forums:

  1. Accountability is the glue that ties business commitment to results. Do what you can to simplify and crystalize what is most important in your business. Then get people to rally around it and be transparent on progress – both good and not so good.
  2. Gratitude as a business strategy works, as you can see real outcomes on KPIs, such as improved retention rates and increased billable hours.  
  3. Rearchitecting bonus and merit pay requires executive buy in and a culture shift. Data is vital in proving the business case.
  4. Recognition and communication are vital pillars for realizing diversity and inclusion outcomes. When leveraged strategically, employee resource groups can play a vital role as cultural energizers.
  5. The business impact of a connected workplace resonates, as it moves employee engagement from an annual survey execution tactic to a business must-have.

HR leaders are at the front lines of today’s organizations. The Executive Forums bring like-minded peers together and offer a breadth and depth of relatable, data-driven content that is grounded in real-world experience. Be on the lookout for more recaps of these events on the blog throughout the fall as we journey to Boston, London, Houston, and Chicago.


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