Top 10 Posts on Gratitude at Work

November 23, 2016 Sarah Payne

Globoforce ThanksgivingIt’s safe to say that Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday here at Globoforce (followed closely by Halloween; we love costumes). We even hold an annual GloboThanks potluck, a day when we bring in our favorite dishes and share a meal with colleagues and friends.

But beyond the food, we love Thanksgiving because we understand (and fully embrace) the power of gratitude in building happier, more committed, and more engaged workplaces. WorkHuman speaker and professor Dr. Robert Emmons once told us, “Gratitude is the high-octane fuel without which we’d be in relational ruin. I mean, organizations, families, societies would crumble.”

So in celebration of Thanksgiving this week, we’ve compiled a list of our Top 10 favorite posts on gratitude.

Happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving!


Gratitude – You’re Doing It Wrong

Research shows there are right and wrong ways to express gratitude. Some people tend to make gratitude all about themselves by focusing on “self-benefit.” Learn how to “other-praise” instead, and get five helpful tips for cultivating more gratitude at work.


10 New Studies on the Benefits of Gratitude

Did you know gratitude causes individuals to prefer sweeter foods? Or that gratitude can lower fatigue, increase cardiac function, and eliminate toxic workplace emotions? Find out what’s new in the world of gratitude studies.


A Year Looking on the Bright Side

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. What would happen if you made a resolution to live more gratefully? That’s exactly what Janice Kaplan does in her bestselling book, The Gratitude Diaries. Read our Q&A with Kaplan and learn more about her gratitude research.


What Are You Grateful For? Celebrate World Gratitude Day

World Gratitude Day is a great reminder to stop and count our blessings. With the hectic life most of us lead, we really do need a formal way to express gratitude. Read five tips for building gratitude in our personal lives, based on takeaways from WorkHuman 2015.


Interview with Dr. Robert Emmons

Can people get “better” at gratitude? What is the opposite of gratitude? What’s the connection between gratitude and happiness at work? To answer some of these questions, we asked the expert – Dr. Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis.


Why You Should Put Your Workforce to Sleep

Sleep deprivation is not good for us as individuals. It has been linked firmly to increased risk of obesity, accidents, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and depression. But did you know gratitude is a key to sleeping longer and waking up refreshed?


The Witness Effect: How Social Recognition and Gratitude Impact Everyone

UNC professor Barbara Fredrickson has done a lot of research not only on the power of giving and receiving gratitude, but also the impact on those who merely witness positive interchange in the workplace. See how broadcasting employee recognition can result in the “witness effect.”


The Power of Workplace Gratitude: A Brief Bibliography

Here you’ll find recent scholarship around gratitude and its impact not only on us as individuals but also on our organizations and their business benefits. Did you know grateful people are better corporate citizens, less likely to burn out, and more moral?


The Essential Link Between Happiness and Gratitude

Studies have proven that when people are given the opportunity to express their feelings of gratitude to someone else, they actually become happier themselves – 25% happier, according to some researchers. See how gratitude increases both happiness and “pro-social” behavior.


The Science of Gratitude and Well-Being

Being thankful and appreciative, and making opportunities – for yourself and for your employees – to feel and express gratitude are investments that pay off exponentially. It can translate to a more positive workplace, better teamwork, and a culture of helpfulness.


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What are you grateful for this year? Do you have a culture of gratitude at your organization?

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