Thank, Talk, Celebrate

October 7, 2020 Sarah Bloznalis

Making Work Human,” the latest book co-written by Workhuman CEO Eric Mosley and Senior VP of Strategy and Consulting Derek Irvine, sheds light on how a culture of performance and gratitude can transform an organization, simply by being human.

In this Workhuman® episode of “Have a Minute?”, Dr. Patti Fletcher, VP of brand marketing, speaks to Derek about why now is the perfect time for the release of “Making Work Human.”

“Now is the time,” Derek explains, “because we are living through various workplace revolutions. For example, COVID-19 is creating this massive global pivot toward digitalization. Even before that, AI was changing the nature of our workplaces.” 

With all these changes, Derek continues, “organizations are beginning to question their very purpose. But along with these revolutions, there is an awakening happening. We need to focus more on our humans, our work communities, and the positive impact we can have on our workplaces and society in general.” 

By releasing the book now, Derek says, “we get to showcase companies and practices that are truly putting human-centric processes at the core of their organization. And what you’ll see is that both the organization and its humans are thriving because of this.

We talk about three powerful words that can make this human connection happen: thanking, talking, and celebrating. Thank each other often, talk authentically, and celebrate our humanity together.” 

Thanking, talking, and celebrating have never been more important in the workplace. Now is the time to transform the way we work into something more human, together. 

You can order your copy of “Making Work Human” now on Amazon.

(Each week, Dr. Patti Fletcher speaks with a Workhuman colleague on how to unlock the power of connection in the global talent economy.)

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