Keeping Workhuman Podcast: The ROI of DEI Is Greater Humanity

October 27, 2020 Sarah Bloznalis

As we work toward a more human way of working, enlightened business leaders are taking action into their own hands. With the help of Workhuman® CHRO Steve Pemberton and SVP of Strategy and Consulting Derek Irvine, the Keeping Workhuman podcast is doing just that – creating a space to tackle the tough topics of organizational culture. You won’t want to miss it. 

In the newest episode of Keeping Workhuman, DEI guru Torin Ellis speaks with Steve about the immense impact equity and inclusion can have on our workplace.

Skill versus will

Between consulting, podcast hosting, and book publishing, Torin works to “help organizations optimize their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strategy.” 

“We’ve all been in an organization where we have the best and brightest recruiting team, software development team, and so on. Yet, when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and representation, we’re not the best.” Time and again, Torin has watched organizations “hide behind a curtain of complacency, allowing mediocrity to be the core of how they measure their talent acquisition efforts.” 

Both Steve and Torin recognize the under-utilized talent that can be found in oppressed communities. The problem is not lack of talent, but lack of intentionality. Torin asks, “how do you reallocate resources in a way that adds efficiency and effectiveness into the organization?”

Disability awareness 

According to Torin, “somewhere around one in four people will live with a disability sometime in life.” So, while October is officially National Disability Awareness Month, Steve and Torin are both passionate about recognizing our differences year around. For them, “diversity and inclusion is really about humanity.”

For organizations looking to be better allies for people with disabilities, Torin suggests “building relationships with organizations supporting people with disabilities, including people with disabilities in CSR initiatives, and ensuring a safe space for employees to address concerns.”

A time of reckoning

“If you feel as if you do not have a voice, this is the time for you to speak up,” Torin urges. “The reason why we are here is because we have gone through too many injustices in silence.” Now is the time for action.

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