Get Your Values Off The Wall (1 of 3)

October 31, 2012 Darcy Jacobsen

…and Put Them to Work for You.

Bill, one of my savvy colleagues, recently directed my attention to an article I’d overlooked in the September issue of HR Magazine, titled: “Values-Based Companies Outpace Others”. According to the article, a recent study by LRN reported that companies who are “self-governing”—that is, based on trust, values and a common commitment to purpose—show greater innovation, stronger employee loyalty and better financial performance.

This is no surprise to us, here at Globoforce. There’s a reason why we tie our employee recognition solution to our clients’ core values. That’s because, over and over, studies show that values-driven recognition is a powerful tool for reinforcing culture and driving business results.

In fact, in the soon-to-be-announced SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey, we found that when companies tie recognition to corporate values, employee engagement levels rise by more than 100%.

And in our Fall Workforce Mood Tracker Survey, which we’re currently putting the final touches on, we saw that when companies practiced values-based recognition, employees were far more likely to remember all of their organization’s core values—presumably because they have the opportunity to live and practice them on a daily basis.

Those same employees were also far more likely to report that they had a strong grasp on company goals and objectives.

These results echo what experts find across the board. Check out part two of this post, where we’ll talk about other analysts’ findings!

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