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Elevating the Employee Experience

Promoting a culture of engagement, belonging, and purpose has never been more important in the workplace.

In this Workhuman® episode of “Have a Minute?”, Dr. Patti Fletcher, VP of brand marketing, speaks with Niamh Graham, VP of global human resources, about the key difference between employee engagement and employee experience. 

According to Niamh, “employee engagement is actually part of the holistic view on employee experience.” At Workhuman, she works to provide exceptional employee experience by “listening a lot, talking a lot, and by reacting to employee feedback.”

She explains, “exceptional employee experience comes with a culture that is full of a sense of belonging, purpose, achievement, happiness, and vigor.” In fact, Niamh says, “this is something we feel so important about that we’ve developed a new tool, Moodtracker, to help organizations gauge the mood of employees.” 

These surveys evaluate how your employees are doing, which can be used to become more agile and proactive in relation to the overall employee experience.

Patti, who joined Workhuman earlier this year, has experienced firsthand the importance of employee experience. Experience can make or break an organization. “What’s been so great about my experience is I have been able to add to the culture, not just become part of the culture. That, to me, is true belonging.”

(Each week, Dr. Patti Fletcher speaks with a Workhuman colleague on how to unlock the power of connection in the global talent economy.)

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Sarah Bloznalis is a content marketing specialist at Workhuman from Dorchester, Mass. When she's not writing about the future of work you can find her in the library, at the beach, or exploring the city.

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