Dan Tomasulo on Learning Hope, Being Kind & the Power of an Empty Chair

April 20, 2022 Mike Lovett


On this episode of How We Work, we are talking about hope. One, because winter has given way to spring and there is a natural sense of rejuvenation. And two, April is National Stress Awareness month. It feels like as good a time as any to talk about an issue our research has made us very aware of over the last few years and that is that many employees (and perhaps listeners of this podcast) are stressed and burned out.

Our guest this week is Dan Tomasulo. He is a counseling psychologist, psychodramatist, author, professor at Columbia University, and next month he will be a featured speaker at Workhuman® Live in Atlanta. On this episode he will be teaching us how to hope so that we can bring it into the workplace and the rest of our lives.

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Mike Lovett

Mike is a senior content marketing specialist at Workhuman where he writes about the next era of the workplace. Outside the workplace, he’s an avid gardener, a frequent biker, a steadily improving chef, and a fantasy sports fanatic.

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