2020: The Year of Keeping Work Human

December 18, 2020 Jenna West

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hands put in a circleThere is no denying that the year 2020 has been a challenging one. Between a global pandemic, economic turbulence, political turmoil, and racial injustice, we’ve all had to take each day as it comes and work to fight the good fight – together.  

If nothing else, this year has taught us all the importance of human connection and of coming together for a common cause. Nowhere was this more evident than in the workplace, where remote working has dispersed teams and colleagues, requiring us to implement new, creative ways to keep in touch with one another and keep humanity alive at work, no matter where we’re located. 

New organizations join the Workhuman revolution 

At Workhuman®, making and keeping work human has always been our mission, and it has never been more vital than over the course of this past year. Our customers agree, too, and we’ve been with them every step of the way as they work tirelessly to make sure their employees are happy and engaged at work. We’ve even signed on a whole new raft of customers this year who recognize the importance of human-centered work.  

From global enterprises to local businesses, we’ve added 40 new customers to our platform since the pandemic began. Here are some of the latest organizations to join our journey of making work human:    

We’ve been extremely fortunate to be part of so many journeys as companies the world over seek to make work a better place for everyone, and we look forward to seeing what the future of work holds.    

Making work more human 

We know it takes a lot of hard work to make real, tangible changes in the workplace, and we want to help companies that are striving to make the world of work a better place in any way we can. Our leaders at Workhuman have decades of experience on these journeys of change and are pioneers in their field. So, that’s why Making Work Human: How Human-Centered Companies Are Changing the Future of Work and the World," the latest book from our CEO Eric Mosley and SVP Derek Irvine, which launched in October, is an invaluable resource to help leaders make a difference and change work for the better. 

In Making Work Human, Eric and Derek explain why bringing more humanity to the workplace is the way forward. Using the three pillars of working human – THANK, TALK, CELEBRATE – they provide a step-by-step blueprint as to how business leaders can implement a culture of performance and appreciation in the workplace, dramatically improve the employee experience, and drive business sustainability in these unprecedented times. 

Through Workhuman’s own research, ROI analysis, extensive data and statistics, and real-world case studies from our customers who have succeeded in taking huge steps forward in bringing more humanity to the workplace, Making Work Human examines the whowhatwhy, and the ever-practical how to make work human. They look at how leaders can create a workplace that attracts and retains the best talent through human-centered cultures and share practical ways to use Social Recognition®, data analysis, and performance management to address the realities of the new workplace. 

Thank you 

This year has been challenging, full of ups and downs, but there’s one thing we know for certain: the future of work is human. So, thank you for joining us on our mission to make work a better place for all.  


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