How We Work: Kham Ward on Community, Vulnerability, and BLK Men in Tech

November 1, 2022 Mike Lovett


It’s November 2020. Much of the world is still quarantining. It’s the heat of the election count in the US. And for the last few months, demonstrations in support of Black lives have hit streets worldwide after the killings of Black men and women throughout the spring and summer.

Fear, sadness, anger, stress, frustration; all of those emotions felt by the Black community needed to go somewhere. They needed to be expressed and channeled into something actionable, something lasting.

Kham Ward is the founder of BLK Men in Tech, an organization born out of the need to create a space for young Black men to be their authentic selves. A place where they can gain access to resources and community that can show them paths to career advancement in the tech world. On this episode of How We Work, Kham talks about founding the organization, sustainable inclusivity, and the superpowers of a values-driven neighborhood.