Doyin Richards on Taking Care of Your Mental Health, Embracing Discomfort, and the Anti-Racism Fight Club

September 8, 2022 Mike Lovett


Workplace trainings have a bad habit of ringing hollow at times. They can feel forced. They tend to provide a mere short-term surge in action. And ultimately, they can feel inadequate. When that training centers around making your workplace more just, more equitable, and anti-racist, you want that training to create a long-lasting effect.
Doyin Richards is an author, speaker, and the founder of the Anti-Racism Fight Club™, a no-nonsense, high-energy, interactive workshop that aims to end racism in workplaces and communities throughout the globe. In this episode, he discusses the philosophies behind his organization, how anti-racism can sustainably become a part of the workplace, and how both self-care and discomfort are necessary ingredients in this movement.