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7 Ways User Engagement Shapes Program Success

We often think of engagement as a group metric, but of course, every company engagement story is also a mosaic of individual stories – driven by the personal experience of each employee in your organization.

As a Workhuman customer, your strategic recognition program is designed to help all of your employees feel valued – creating connections, reducing turnover, and increasing engagement and productivity. But once again it comes down to the individual – none of those companywide outcomes can be achieved unless individual employees are logging in and using the tool.

That’s where Human Engagement comes in. Human Engagement is a set of tools in the Workhuman platform intended to reach those individual employees where they are and encourage them to participate in your recognition culture in a targeted, personalized way.

Traditionally, communications and education around a strategic recognition program have rested with an internal communications team, but Workhuman can help lift that burden from your team and drive employee adoption directly from the tool itself.

1. Targets inactive users

Many users will immediately adopt recognition. But, as with any software, there are users who need an extra push. Human Engagement helps you target users who have never logged into your program – without spamming those who have. Simple, engaging emails clearly communicate the value to the employee.

2. In-app training

Some employees are enthusiastic but do not know where to start. Once employees have logged in to your program, Human Engagement guides will show them around, pointing out key aspects of the system so they can understand what recognition is and how they can use it.

3. Inclusion reflections

Inclusion reflections are automated guides that appear in Workhuman during the nomination process. The first prompt appears when the nominator is choosing who they want to nominate to confirm they have included everyone who should be recognized for the achievement. The second appears when the nominator chooses the award level – ensuring that they are assigning appropriate amounts based on the contributions of each recipient.

4. Behavior coaching

Human Engagement guides also employ behavioral coaching and words of encouragement that help employees through the recognition process. They may be having trouble deciding which award reason to select or writing a nomination. The automated guides give them advice on providing appropriate recognition and how to construct meaningful award messages – along with encouragement to complete the process.

5. Feature promotion

Guides can also point out new features to users. For example, when you add Life Events to your platform, the system will point out the new Life Events option in the Workhuman site navigation and encourage employees to check it out. Guides will also appear to users who haven’t yet adopted the mobile app – inviting them to download and try it.

6. New hire onboarding

Human Engagement is also a great way to supplement onboarding – with communications that help to build adoption and also inclusion across your organization. When a new employee is added to your data feed, it will trigger a series of scheduled, targeted emails to introduce the recognition program and encourage adoption. No need to develop a recognition communication plan for new hires – you already have access to a consistent, inclusive introduction to recognition for everyone across your organization.

7. A habit of gratitude

Take users on a journey from recognition program introduction to full adoption. Human Engagement reminds employees they have the tools to focus on gratitude and to make it a regular habit. The more engaged employees are in recognition, the quicker your organization can reach your goals around driving a culture of gratitude!

Human Engagement is just one way to drive adoption and increase the effectiveness of recognition across your organization. Chat with your account team about other ways to increase engagement with your recognition program.