Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Honoring His Legacy

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MLK waving to crowdMartin Luther King  Jr. Day is not just an annual recognition of the life and legacy of a civil rights leader. It is an opportunity to look inward and ask ourselves what we can do to bring about a more equal world and society, and what tangible actions can we take to ensure that all voices are heard – and valued.  

The time to uphold Dr. King’s beliefs of overcoming darkness with light has never been more important. He believed seismic change could come from nonviolent demonstration and he saw the power in respecting other’s points of view. He also fully understood that hatred has no place in a civilized society, and that left unchecked, it could consume all of us. So much of what Dr. King stood for resonates with the meaning and purpose behind what we should all hope to achieve. 

The impact of Dr. King’s teachings can be felt far and wide, but there is so much more to be done – by all of us. Workhuman®  is doing its part by spreading the word through our Workhuman Certified®  program where the right to belong, the right to fair pay, and the right to feel safe and respected are center stage. We are also encouraging  organizations  globally to join us in the commitment to upholding those rights.  

I encourage you all to comment and share what Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr. means to you,  what you have learned from him, how you think his beliefs are relevant today, or how you talk to your children about him and the civil rights movement.  

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