Introducing the Back to Basics Video Series

November 17, 2022 Mike Lovett

We started our Back to Basics series to help organizations and HR teams freshen up on the fundamental pieces of a human workplace. Since then, what was once a blog series has become a library of handy guides for cultivating, nurturing, and measuring the various facets of company culture.

We’re thrilled to add to that library with the Back to Basics video series. These six episodes delve into the essentials of the human workplace and feature people and thought leaders who live, study, and write about how the ways we work are evolving.

In this series we’ll cover:

  • Core Values – How they set the tone for your organization internally and externally
  • Psychological Safety – How it shapes the entirety of the employee experience
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – How they combine to create a more just workplace
  • Gratitude in the Workplace – How thanking people can supercharge your business
  • Communication at Work – How the way we talk at work shapes the employee experience
  • Work-life Integration – How striking a “balance” isn’t realistic and that’s ok

Watch the entire series now on our Back to Basics channel.

Back to Basics