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Build Cultural Resilience and Connection

Business leaders recognize that a new work paradigm is emerging. However, most are struggling to determine how best to support their employees in this changing environment. Among the top challenges: maintaining a commitment to a human-centered workplace. Many are wondering how to encourage human connections when employees are working remotely. Others are grappling with ways to keep the workplace human-centered when employees are on-site, burdened with COVID risks and regulations. Blended and flex work schedules make the task even more complex.

One of the best ways to nurture a human-centered workplace is by continuing to build and enhance your culture through employee appreciation and your social recognition program. Research has shown over and over that gratitude and recognition are powerful forces that help people feel connected to their work and motivated by their company’s mission.

But social recognition is not only about creating connections in the workplace. It also helps companies go the next step beyond that. Social recognition builds cultural resilience, mitigating the stress your employees are experiencing.

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