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How To Inspire Connection in a Virtual World: Thank, Talk, Celebrate

There are three keys to keeping employee engagement high and performance development thriving: thanking, talking, and celebrating.

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Organizations thrive when they cultivate grateful, human-centric cultures that meet employees’ core needs of recognition, connection, and celebration. The present reality amid COVID-19 and its implications hasn’t changed that. In fact, now more than ever, leaders are being called to unite and support their employees. 

The movement to work – and live – more human starts with gratitude. To move forward with a strong culture in these tough times, many organizations are also working to create a sense of belonging by celebrating life events and regularly checking in with their employees by implementing continuous performance management. 

There are three keys to developing the trust that keeps engagement high: thanking, talking, and celebrating. These pillars can light the way for noble intentions in culture and performance – and can be accomplished remotely with slight tweaks to current processes.