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How Work Gets Done: A Look at the Data Impacting the Modern Workplace

Workhuman has tens of millions of data points on how work gets done. Here are five places where never-before-seen data and people analytics can offer insight into the modern workplace.

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The world of work is changing. While data has evolved to give us new insights into IT, business, health, and other metrics, it’s been slow to catch up to HR and the human capital that drives every organization in the world.

It’s time that changed, too. By looking at data from the Workhuman® analytics team, which was created to help translate the feel-good benefits of a recognition program into quantifiable business results, we’re able to see a fuller picture of how work really gets done among individuals and teams within organizations. This data is fueled by recognition program activity, so the more your employees use Social Recognition® – one essential tenet of Workhuman Cloud® – the more you can learn.