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5 New Ideas to Extend DEI Beyond a One-Time Training

Academic studies suggest the best DEI approach is delivered over an extended period, integrated with other initiatives, and designed to increase both awareness and skills.

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If companies are hoping to thrive in the next era of work, they need to be thinking about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) today.

The last few years have brought on a monumental shift in how we view the workplace. Employees expect their organizations to support them not just financially, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Employers can no longer be indifferent to social change or the injustices happening (both in and out of the workplace). In fact, a recent study found 43% of workers want their employers to do more to foster inclusivity. To do that effectively, organizations need to think of DEI as more than just a one-time training or a check-the-box exercise.

In this paper we go over five ways to expand your organization's DEI strategy for the future of work and beyond.