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4 Ways to Build a Connected Culture

Here are four ways for organizations to build a connected culture at work.

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As work is evolving and taking shape in various ways, trends are painting a picture of where employees are (both physically and mentally) and what they need. One of the clearest is that, across all ways of working, people feel more connected to colleagues than company culture.

But instead of viewing culture and people as two separate things that need connecting, let’s reframe it.

“People are not the most valuable asset in your company. People are your company.” - Adam Grant, Author and Organizational Psychologist

A strong company culture develops only when you have strong employee connection. It’s not the office space or amenities that define your culture. It’s the people. Connecting with people doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a process that calls for humility, honesty, celebration, and appreciation. But the effort is worth it. It reduces voluntary turnover, which can cost millions of dollars per year for a 100-person company, and builds a stronger, more motivated workforce that will power a culture of gratitude.