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3 Key Data Points: The Immediate and Long-Term ROI of Social Recognition

April 5, 2022

“Data is foundational,” says Gabrielle Thompson, SVP of executive and board at Cisco. “It’s no longer the case that one powerful person in a company owns data. It’s accessible to all, connecting all sorts of information in a huge variety of ways.”

Indeed, data analytics is an exciting area of opportunity for HR and business leaders to show both the human and bottom-line business impact of their people strategies. And when it comes to the treasure trove of insights that can be gleaned from a Social Recognition® program, organizations are seeing both immediate and long-term ROI.

This asset gives you a deeper dive into three data points uncovered by the Workhuman® research team that show how a robust Social Recognition program enhances productivity, safety, and patient satisfaction. Ultimately, the data tells a rich and compelling story on the power of recognition in building a culture of resilience and connection.

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