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12 Ways to Celebrate World Gratitude Day

Workers in every industry and at every level have seen their regular schedules and workflows upended. And yet they’ve stepped up in remarkable ways to meet these unprecedented challenges.

Is your company doing enough to express its thanks? Are there specific steps you can take to enhance employee appreciation and strengthen relationship-building in your organization?

Even if you don’t yet have a true companywide employee recognition program, there are some meaningful and specific ways you can celebrate World Gratitude Day 2021 on Sept. 21. Use the day to infuse a culture of recognition in your workplace. Let it be the catalyst that brings the transformative power of gratitude and recognition to individuals, teams, and your company as a whole.

To help you get started, here are a few examples of how you can leverage this worldwide event to jump-start employee appreciation – and make gratitude the North Star of your company.

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