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10 Reasons Why Annual Reviews Are No Longer Enough

The nature of modern work and workplaces has changed. We don’t stay at one company anymore. We expect each new work experience to help us advance our skills – not just to serve the needs of the company – but for our own growth. Companies also have higher expectations of employees – relying on our employees to take ownership in their development and to contribute to a culture of communication, engagement, and productivity.

This has made things much more complex for managers. Years ago, we were administrators of tasks and people. Now we are coaches, trainers, career advisers, and counselors – all while we keep our teams engaged, content, and productive. For the most part, today’s managers are up to this challenge. The real problem is with the aging, inflexible performance management infrastructure most organizations still have – built for the last century’s workplace. That infrastructure is holding us back, and it is time to rethink it.

This solution brief outlines 10 ways we have outgrown traditional performance management. If they feel familiar, you may want to explore whether your current performance management practices and technologies need an overhaul.

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