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Human Connection Is the Heartbeat of Business

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Eric Mosley

At the conclusion of Workhuman® Livestream, Eric Mosley, co-founder and CEO of Workhuman, left the online audience – many of whom have been working from home for the last few months amid the global pandemic – with a message of hope from his company’s solemn office space. 

“Here I am in front of all these empty desks and it’s incredible to think every office building is the same all over the world – empty shelves where someone hit the pause button,” said Eric. “However, you see your colleagues every day – sometimes more than you did in the past – and it gives us all a lift to see each other. That’s the power of people over physical space.”

But it’s much more than just the technical ability to connect – it’s about the personal connections, the ability to share gratitude, to check in, to celebrate that life goes on in what has quickly become a virtual world that inspired Eric’s message.

Survey something greater

Backed by data and customer stories, Eric weaved a theme of human moments that matter throughout the 90-minute livestream, including the announcement of Moodtracker™, an AI-powered survey solution that amplifies the modern voice of the employee with advanced, multifaceted insights.

“We want the world to know what’s really going on in their companies,” said Eric. “And we believe that employees have a right to be heard. So, we are making it free to every company in the world.”

Moodtracker is unlike any survey in market, as it leverages more than 50 million moments of human connection, unique to Workhuman. Natural language processing helps companies understand employee sentiment through written responses, and smart sampling automatically determines the right sample pool of employees to prevent survey fatigue. Best of all, survey results generate recommendations to solve employee experience challenges.

“When you think about Moodtracker, think bigger,” said Eric. “By using it you will be part of something greater. The global community that uses this tool will be able to benchmark themselves against a global dataset.”

Company culture can be difficult to measure – especially when so many employees are working remotely – and Moodtracker gives HR leaders a no-cost option to check in with their teams. “To get where you need to be,” said Eric, “you need to know where you are.”

Free special edition products

Eric said during times like these, in the face of COVID-19, Workhuman reassessed the role it could play to help companies build and deepen connections with their employees.

Two products in Workhuman® Cloud, Life Events® and Conversations®, are designed to help companies stay connected – even more important in a remote setting. Life Events celebrates employees’ moments that happen outside of work – such as new babies, birthdays, and buying a new home. Conversations is a continuous performance management solution, allowing managers to connect with their team members through regular check-ins, priorities, and feedback.

“We’ve decided to make special editions of Life Events and Conversations free until the end of March next year to help stressed employees and organizations weather this storm,” said Eric. “They’re especially valuable in a decentralized, remote, and work-from-home world.

Eric showed some examples of Workhuman employees using Life Events, and the emotive connection it generates. “If you want to build a culture of togetherness, don’t ignore the outside of work,” said Eric. “There’s no such thing. For you, as an HR leader, with Life Events, you are leveraging the workforce to lift each other.

“Life Events, over time, brings everyone together in a profound and real way. It’s almost impossible to communicate the raw power of this environment to lift people. … Life Events creates community, intimacy, and connection.

“Conversations is a professional development and productivity tool, which is essential at a time like this,” continued Eric. “It’s a signal vs. noise tool and the noise is worse in quarantine than ever before. … In a work-from-home world, Conversations makes sure productivity and direction are delivered for the entire workforce.”

Data shows an uptick in global gratitude

Eric spent a few minutes speaking with Dr. Jesse Harriott, global head of analytics at Workhuman, about some of the recognition trends during the pandemic. Jesse walked through a global snapshot of recognition volume – referencing both gratitude spikes and the words employees use in these recognition moments. 

“We are seeing an outpouring of social recognition in our customer base,” said Eric. “Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and nearly 5 million employees in 160 countries around the world are doubling down expressing gratitude for their colleagues. It’s profoundly moving to see this outpouring of gratitude.”

By mining the recognition data, word choice illustrates the beginning of the pandemic, like “continuity,” “flexibility,” “resilience,” and “adversity” – and the current state, with words like “friend,” “kindness,” “connectivity,” and “compassion.”

“Over the last couple of months, our analytics team has noticed a distinct shift in the words and tone our customers are using in their recognition moments,” said Eric. “It’s insightful what recognition messages can reveal about what’s on the mind of your workforce. It’s been a fascinating barometer to monitor as this pandemic has unfolded, as well as a powerful source of insight for our customers who leverage it.”

Recognizing and honoring our healthcare heroes

With gratitude and recognition at the core of the Workhuman mission, Eric talked about the platform the product team created – Thank You Healthcare – to show support for global healthcare workers. 

“Although the public is being kept at a safe distance, nurses and doctors are right in there, and we wanted to do more,” said Eric. “The world has a need, and everyone around the world is feeling compelled to thank healthcare workers. This is our area of expertise.

“We have a scalable, global technology platform for expressing and consuming the gratitude of human beings. We put a huge team on altering our product to create a global clearinghouse for gratitude for healthcare workers so this moment of goodwill toward these incredible people is held for posterity.”

Eric went on to say, “these hospitals are so important to us. Everyone has a time in their life, a time when they needed that place. And it is at that moment, when you were at your most vulnerable, you were shown kindness and competence and maybe it restored your faith in humanity. These places deserve our gratitude.”


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