Keeping Workhuman Podcast: Guiding Through Crisis

November 24, 2020 Sarah Bloznalis

As we continue adjusting to the new world of work, organizations are wondering how to keep their humans feeling safe, engaged, and appreciated. Lucky for us, Workhuman® CHRO Steve Pemberton and SVP of Strategy and Consulting Derek Irvine are committed to tackling these topics and more in the new podcast, Keeping Workhuman.

In the latest episode, Steve speaks with Dr. Andy Biga, chief people officer at GoHealth Urgent Care, one of the nation’s fastest-growing urgent care companies, about his experience supporting their leadership team and team members through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

To Andy, his work in human resources consistently reminds him of the importance of humanity in the workplace. He explains, “the ability to impact the way people experience work is such a powerful opportunity,” and this year has only accelerated that opportunity.

Steve, too, understands how powerful a positive work environment can be: “It’s fascinating how human resources is largely this intersection of structures and people, and how those structures enable environments that can help people do their best work.” This intersection is arguably more important than ever, as we continue to live and work in the midst of a global pandemic.

Power of resilience

This year has been challenging for all of our organizations, especially those in the healthcare industry. But rather than crack under pressure, GoHealth dove right in. In fact, “we’ve been on the forefront of COVID-19 since day one. We’ve conducted more than half a million tests across 10 states where we operate,” which is no small feat, Andy points out.

This shift in priorities could not have been possible without a strong organizational culture. The thing Andy remembers most about the early days of the pandemic was the resiliency: “The amount of bravery, particularly when we didn’t know much about the virus, was phenomenal.”

Looking forward

“It’s about continuing to innovate and continuing to find new ways to connect,” Andy believes. But we can’t forget about the fundamental issues either, he reminds us. “It’s about that need to belong, and the need to achieve, which both can be met through a great workplace experience.” With this foundation of belonging, connection, and achievement, anything is possible.

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