Life Events

Work, Meet Life.

It’s about time these two got acquainted. Life Events builds culture at work by celebrating the important moments that don’t make the office calendar.

New Baby

It’s the little things.

Whether it’s a new home or new baby, adopting a pet or running your first 5k — celebrating important life events at work is the difference between having a culture people want to belong to, or a place where they just work.

Celebrating life events in the workplace leads to a 23% increase in employee’s mental health.


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New Puppy

Stay connected. From anywhere.

As in-office celebrations become a thing of the past, Life Events helps employees maintain social connections in a rich online experience.

Colleagues and friends can share important life moments with each other through congratulatory messages, photos, videos and more.

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Your culture. Your choice.

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Give rewards as unique as they are.

With redeemable rewards points, employees can choose personalized, localized products that reflect who they are off the clock.

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