Community Celebrations

Bring people together from across the organization to celebrate shared interests, events, and milestones – from  volunteer projects and CSR initiatives  to employee resource groups,  cultural events,  and more.


A place to celebrate.

Community Celebrations® is an employee-powered, collaboratively curated way to:

  • Rally teams around shared interests.
  • Transform your workplace into a “work family.”
  • Cultivate micro-learning moments to promote diversity.
  • Create a lasting record of meaningful moments.
  • Keep remote employees engaged and connected.
  • Source branded content to attract top talent.

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How your people and business benefit.

A culture of celebration deepens social connections, gives employees a sense of belonging, and empowers them to bring their whole selves to work

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Being able to celebrate Boston’s Pride Parade as a way to honor my sister’s memory meant the world to me. And the fact that our colleagues embraced this group event meant even more.”

John Leahy Marketing Finance Manager, Workhuman

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For more than 20 years, forward-thinking companies have trusted us to energize their culture, unlock employees’ passion and potential, and ignite their workforce around a shared purpose.

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