Introducing Workhuman iQ – The Humans Behind the Data

November 17, 2021 Mike Lovett

woman behind projection of codeAt Workhuman®, we’re on a mission to pioneer the future of work. To do that, we need to understand how companies work. How do employees collaborate with one another? Interact with one another? Are there blind spots, biases, or inequities inside an organization? These questions require real-life data – data about the connections and interactions between employees – and a team to interpret that data and the story it’s telling.

For us, that team is Workhuman iQ® — a team of psychologists, researchers, data scientists, linguists, programmers, and engineers that studies tens of millions of data points on how we work.

You’ve seen their output in our research reports, at Workhuman® Live and online events, and across our site talking about emerging topics in the workplace like psychological safety and the Great Resignation. Their insights have helped shape company policies within Workhuman and with customers who, by using programs like recognition, are pushing their own workplaces to embrace a more human approach and cultivate an environment that inspires and engages employees.

This multidisciplinary approach blending data science and organizational psychology couldn’t come at a more urgent time. Companies are gaining more of an appreciation for what the data of psychology can tell them about how employees work together and how that experience can be improved.

With machine learning models and AI, the Workhuman iQ team can help predict turnover risk. They can heighten diversity awareness through natural language processing (NLP) of award text to uncover implicit bias and support greater inclusion. And they can optimize the user experience by understanding each user’s journey through iterative experimentation and personalization.

And with the help of Workhuman iQ’s analyses, companies can understand whether their employees are feeling psychologically safe or if they’re adequately addressing the core human need to feel appreciated. And if they’re not, the Workhuman iQ team is there to provide recommendations on how to get there.

We’re encouraged more companies are valuing the psychological principles that drive us as people within the workplace. To some they remain viewed as warm and fuzzy, but they drive tangible business results.

With the insights uncovered by Workhuman iQ, companies can see the impact a practice like recognition has on turnover, engagement, employee development, and productivity (all positive by the way), and the cost of neglecting it. They can ensure that recognition is being administered equitably to improve the wellness of the organization. This gets at the heart of what it means to transform the culture of a business.