Service Milestones

Meaningful milestones.
Measurable results.

Celebration is more important than any pin or card. Learn how Service Milestones® can increase retention and enhance your company culture.

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Motivate your team with a modern rewards program

Service Milestones takes a modern approach to celebrating work achievements, retiring tired company trinkets and leveraging social experiences, crowdsourcing, and e-commerce to build powerful expressions of achievement and gratitude.

What is Service Milestones?

Show your employees how much they matter

Service Milestones transforms every work achievement – from onboarding, transfers, promotions and beyond – into a social celebration with personalized messages, images, videos and more.

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A recent survey revealed that HR professionals are looking for new YoS solutions that provide more celebration, personalization, and public recognition of employees.

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(Re)ignite your culture

Service Milestones not only leaves an impact on the recipient, but it also creates a culture of gratitude and connection throughout your entire organization.

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3 years of service milestone

Celebrate the journey, not the date

Create a record of each employee’s work history, highlighting their impact on your business. This gives employees something to look back on with pride and forward to with excitement – and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Service Milestones really reinforces the emotional connection. These are personal revelations about the impact our people are having on one another’s lives.

Jennifer Faulkner
Vice President of Team Member Experience, Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Management at Baystate Health