Service Milestones

Go beyond traditional work anniversary awards and recognize all the important career highlights of employees like onboarding, promotions, transfers, years of service, and retirement.


A way to honor achievements.

With Service Milestones®, colleagues are automatically invited to participate and tell stories of their work together – creating a richer, more meaningful experience.

  • Celebrate work anniversaries and career highlights with everyone.
  • Make onboarding momentous.
  • Congratulate on promotions and transfers.
  • Honor those who are retiring and moving on.
  • Crowdsource congratulations for a richer, more meaningful experience.
  • Provide a place for employees to reflect on their company history.
  • Create a social experience by easily inviting the broader team to celebrate.

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What do employees want in a work anniversary?

  • Shared memories and congratulations from co-workers and managers
  • Private congratulations from their manager
  • Public congratulations from their manager

*Based on current Workhuman research

How your people and business benefit.

This creates a community atmosphere that celebrates achievements and lets employees reflect on their experiences as they continue to move forward.

Service Milestones really reinforces the emotional connection. These are personal revelations about the impact our people are having on one another's lives."

Jennifer Faulkner Vice President, Team Member Experience, Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Management, Baystate Health

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