Grant Beckett

Grant Beckett

SVP, Corporate Strategy & Partnerships

Elevating recognition to a true business initiative that drives culture change requires the right tools to allow hundreds of thousands of globally dispersed employees to thank each other appropriately, equitably, and with cultural sensitivity.

Grant is an HR technology industry veteran with more than 30 years of HR software strategy, product, and marketing leadership. He joined Workhuman in 2009. For the first 10 years, Grant led the company’s Product and eCommerce strategy and teams. More recently, Grant has focused on Workhuman’s broader corporate strategies including partnerships, markets served, and M&A.

Prior to Workhuman, Grant served as vice president of product management for HR services at Fidelity where he designed a new business unit to provide HR services to mid-sized, U.S.-based multinational companies. Prior to Fidelity, Grant served as vice president of strategy and alliances at Kenexa where he drove the company’s strategy, messaging, and roadmap. Before that, Grant held leadership roles in product management at both Workscape and PeopleSoft. He started his career with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Computer Science from the University of Virginia.