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What is Workhuman iQ?

The industry’s most comprehensive AI-powered social analytics solution, Workhuman iQ, provides an in-depth view into the employee experience using an amalgamation of data gathered from Workhuman use interactions across the globe to understand motivations, behaviors, and sentiment.

These insights, analyzed by our team of psychologists, data scientists, researchers, linguists, and engineers, are so much more than what you get from traditional surveys and focus groups.

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Turn data into decisions.

Workhuman iQ is more than stats and figures.

With an ever-growing dataset, and the help of machine learning models, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, iQ can help uncover elusive pain-points, identify opportunities for improvement, and solve real challenges.

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Real-time analytics at your fingertips.

Each employee interaction — nominations, feedback, assessments, and more — provides a unique data point that reveals trends and insights into employee behavior, inclusion, and company culture.

With natural language processing (NLP) and additional analysis from Moodtracker®, our employee pulse survey tool, this data is then synthesized so that employers can understand what’s going on in their companies and act on it.

Retention Risks

Data powerful enough to transform your culture.

It’s direct, easy to understand and feels impactful.

Workhuman iQ is able to paint a vivid picture of both the strengths and challenges across an entire organization.

Rich retention insights to help mitigate flight risk

Emerging trends and themes that are hindering company culture

Deep analysis of soft skills across the business

Understand equity across the business

“The recognition data shows where people are collaborating, where leaders are recognizing their teams, and where people maybe have an opportunity to recognize more. So, we can target our efforts and help those leaders be even better leaders and help them drive their teams to new heights.”

Michelle Hecht
EVP, Strategic Communications, Citizens Bank
How the Great Resignation will shape HR and the future of work

Raise your iQ.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what recognition and employee development programs can do. It all starts with understanding your culture and the employees that live it.

Workhuman iQ replaces guesswork with science, transforming your culture and fueling your business.

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