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Workhuman® has framed a new charter to redefine the workplace, one that puts employees at the center. Individuals and organizations that deliver on these rights can become Workhuman® Certified – it’s about promise and progress, not perfection.

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Attend an upcoming webinar or view previous sessions on demand. Check out our Events & Programs page for more information.

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Order your copy of our new book, “Making Work Human,” the business leader’s guide to leveraging the most powerful and transformative workforce-management strategy in a generation.

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Meet Moodtracker

Keep the pulse on your people with Moodtracker™. Built by data scientists at Workhuman, our Voice of the Employee tool was just named a Top HR Product of 2020.

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Take a bold new step into the future of work. Discover the world’s fastest-growing Social Recognition® and Continuous Performance Management platform.

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Key Takeaways

Delve into the blogs covering key quotes, data, and stories on the future of work. We recap Workhuman Certified, provide highlights from the customer discussions and cover the key takeaways you can leverage in building your own action plan.

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