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Top 5 Trends for Savvy HR Leaders in 2020 – and Beyond


Recorded January 29, 2020

Stepping into a new decade is a perfect time to reflect on all the ways organizations have progressed in building a more positive experience for employees – and to consider what the next 10 years hold in store. Which trends in pay equity, AI, performance management, diversity and inclusion (D&I), and work-life harmony will define the next decade? Which draconian HR practices are forward-thinking companies finally dropping and which ones are new on the horizon?

In this webcast, Workhuman's Jennifer Reimert and Dr. Andrea C. Johnson lead a thought-provoking program that dives into the latest research and thought leadership centered on making work more human. This program will challenge the traditional role of HR in the organization and discuss practical ways you can become a steward for change, demonstrate ROI, and foster an environment where employees thrive in delivering business goals. You will learn:

  • How technology and AI are shaping the future of work, particularly in terms of biases, mentorship, and attrition risk
  • Why traditional performance management is holding you hostage and how to escape it
  • New ideas in the D&I conversation, from closing the pay gap to companies becoming stewards of basic human rights