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Drop the Playbook: Keep Performance Development Simple and Human

Are you looking to change your performance process? The state of the workplace – with record low unemployment and more jobs than workers to fill them – requires a total reimagining of the way organizations develop their people. Employees are demanding simpler processes and emphasis is shifting away from bureaucracy and forced ranking toward more transparency and trust.

In this webinar, Cliff Stevenson, principal analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and Rosette Cataldo, vice president, performance & talent strategy at Workhuman, will have an engaging discussion on the effectiveness of performance management development as it stands today. They will share new learnings and actionable steps you can take to develop a softer, more human approach that has a measurable impact on retention and engagement – and the bottom line.

Join us and you will learn:

  • How the shift to team-based work is shifting how we motivate and develop people
  • Why positivity is so essential to building a culture of trust and openness to all feedback
  • A multi-prong approach to changing performance management, including training and communication needs