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Starting the Continuous Performance Journey - Tips from CAE

Meeting once a year to talk about performance doesn’t match the nature of the modern workplace – nor does it meet employees’ expectations. Feedback, check-ins, and goal-setting are most effective when they’re a continuous collaboration between managers and employees. But where do you start, and how do you gain buy-in to make the shift?

Revamping your organization’s performance management process isn’t as overwhelming as it seems when you learn from humans who’ve been in the trenches. In this webinar, Lisa Stedel Smith, leadership and organizational development leader at CAE, and Rosette Cataldo, vice president of performance and talent strategy at Workhuman, talk through steps you can take to prepare even the most traditional corporate culture for the transition to continuous performance management. Lisa also shares CAE’s experience and early success in developing an employee-led, human approach.

You’ll learn about: 

  • The mindset, skill set, and tool set CAE used to transition their organization
  • How to set managers up for success in their roles as coaches and collaborators
  • Why peer-based feedback and recognition are key steps on the road to continuous performance development