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Back to Work: What Employers Need to Focus on to Thrive


Last year, rapid, real-time data was our friend – bringing transparency into our workforces and helping business leaders uncover and mitigate workflow gaps to pivot during the pandemic. Now, the path forward demands another reevaluation of which workplace programs and practices should be prioritized to emerge even stronger. So, what does it take to keep employees happy and ensure a thriving business in the midst of all this change?

During this webinar, four expert panelists from Workhuman and ADP will share data from groundbreaking research into COVID’s impact on the workplace and discuss ways to maintain productivity and a sense of belonging in hybrid work environments.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What data is telling us about the workplace since the start of the pandemic and how it can help us navigate the year ahead
  • Why employee appreciation and human connection are more important than ever
  • How to develop a high-trust culture that fuels engagement in a rapidly evolving working world