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5 Ways to Secure Budget & Build a Business Case for Recognition

Recorded June 6, 2018

You want to create a social recognition program that aligns to organizational goals and makes a tangible impact on employee retention, experience, engagement, and performance. Yet you have a couple of problems to overcome: There is little to no budget for a new program and you’re unsure how you will obtain senior leadership support to proceed.

You are not alone! Most organizations struggle to find the money and secure formal leadership approval to build a successful recognition program. In this webinar, Rob Schmitter, solutions consultant at Workhuman, and Melanie Schrems, consultant at Workhuman, will discuss:

  • Rock-solid data points that demonstrate proven ROI and help you get executive buy-in on the connection between recognition, voluntary turnover, and performance
  • How to streamline tucked away, ad hoc, and informal recognition programs hiding in the nooks of your organization
  • Tactics for taking stock of your total rewards inventory to deliver a better employee experience


Rob Schmitter

Solutions Architect



Melanie Schrems