Choose people over process

Conversations® combines agile performance development with structured feedback and assessments to create a culture of connection, continuous feedback, and growth.


Create a culture of ongoing feedback

With Conversations, feedback can be requested and received by anyone at any time, and managers can use it to gather input and provide a more holistic view of their employees.

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65% of HR execs want higher quality manager check-ins with employees to provide feedback/coaching

Drive frequent, high-quality check-ins

Frequent check-ins with managers lead to more engaged, productive employees.

Initiate a check-in, create and capture agenda items, share progress updates and more within the app, on any device.

Reimagine your performance philosophy

Implement your existing process and enhance it within Conversations. The tool is designed for flexibility and ease of use, and our team is here to help you align the look and feel, values, and workflows with your business.

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Performance management was broken long before the COVID-19 pandemic. But the pandemic has done what years of prior advocacy for performance management reinvention could not – change the focus from performance evaluations to manager-employee interactions.

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Connect feedback to recognition

As part of the Workhuman Cloud®, Conversations is integrated with Social Recognition®, making it easy to turn employee feedback, progress, and performance reviews into formal recognition moments or vice-versa.

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Simple and intuitive

Unlike traditional performance management systems, Conversations offers an intuitive interface design with robust mobile and web experiences.

Data-driven insights

In-app reporting and access to our Workhuman® iQ team means you’ll know how the program is going, where opportunities exist for improvement, and the impact your program is having on your employees and your business.

Conversations works because it’s fueled from a source of positivity. It’s changed the conversation from evaluative and backward-looking to one that is future-oriented.

Vikki Sly
Vice President of Talent Development at Qlik
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