Win, Win, Win.

Happier employees. A culture of gratitude. Quantifiable results. The Workhuman Store is key to driving retention, engagement, and performance in your recognition program.

Trip of a lifetime

Rewards matter.

The store is connected to Workhuman’s recognition platform, enabling employees to turn their moments of gratitude into tangible and amazing things. Things that create memories with an infinite shelf-life, and real value for your business.

Sure, some people might say you can’t measure feelings like gratitude and happiness, but we crunched the numbers - those people are lying.

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Investments in an award platform can yield a 6.6X ROI in decreased attrition.

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Employee choice in redemption is 1.6x times more effective than dumping cash into a paycheck.

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Boost productivity and engagement by investing just 1% of payroll.

More than a store.

Calling it a “store” is like calling Santa a delivery man. Accurate, yes. Precise? Hardly. The Workhuman Store is the engine that powers your recognition program. That’s not an exaggeration. The employee experience evolves from recognition to personalization which increases usage and satisfaction. It fosters a continuous cycle of engagement, reinforcing your culture and forging deeper connections in a way that trophies and trinkets just can’t.

6m users across the globe and 1m+ merchandise items offered

Something for everyone.

Whether your employees are in Boise or Bangladesh, they can redeem their rewards for products that are as special as they are. The Workhuman Store is an incredibly expansive, immersive experience that serves millions around the globe, all while delivering uniquely tailored offerings.

And we mean everyone.

Redeem rewards for products and experiences from the world’s leading brands in whatever way you choose.

Hey, this is a judgment-free zone.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Workhuman’s platform allowed us to improve every aspect of the recognition process, making it easier for employees to both give points and recognize each other, as well as redeem for gift cards and merchandise in every country.

Michaela Leo

Former Director of Compensation, Merck

Merck’s success story

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