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The ROI of Strategic Employee Recognition

Research shows that a strong culture of recognition is critical to an organization’s overall success. But in a turbulent global economy – with increased budget scrutiny – how can HR professionals make a compelling business case to senior leaders? It starts with data.

According to recent Gallup research, nearly half (46%) of senior leaders don’t know what percentage of their budget is allocated to recognition – and 10% don’t know whether the organization even has an allocated recognition budget!

Get the tools and insights that you need to have informed, data-driven discussions about the business rationale for a strategic investment in recognition with senior leadership. During this session, you’ll:

  • Take a deep dive into the analytics and outcomes of well-designed strategic recognition programs
  • Learn how to model financial returns against productivity, retention, health and safety, and absenteeism through the ROI calculator tool
  • Gain access to an attendee-exclusive custom (and complimentary) interactive workshop with Workhuman’s Strategic Advisory team to explore and evaluate your employee recognition and total reward strategies

About the Author

Mike is a senior content marketing specialist at Workhuman where he writes about the next era of the workplace. Outside the workplace, he’s an avid gardener, a frequent biker, a steadily improving chef, and a fantasy sports fanatic.

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