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Get Your Values Off the Wall – and Live Them

Most organizations have a mission. It hangs on the wall in the lobby, near HR, or in another well-trafficked area. It may even come with a set of values intended to help employees attach behaviors and work habits to it. But do they? It’s easy to state your mission, vision, and values, but less simple a task to take them down off the wall and actually live them – let alone get all your people to do the same.

And yet, this is an important exercise – perhaps one of the most important as you build and grow a world-class culture that attracts and retains the people with whom you want to work. Employees who have a sense of meaning and purpose, and whose personal values align with company values, are more than 4x as likely to love their jobs. So, it’s crucial to articulate those values clearly and demonstrate how they can come to life for each individual at your organization.

Here are 8+ tips for establishing strong core values and helping your people live them, which strengthens your culture and employer brand.

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