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Celebrating Life-Affirming Moments

Work should be integral rather than separate from “real” life, especially in remote work. Forward-thinking organizations are celebrating life milestones with Life Events + Social Recognition.

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As many workplaces remain dispersed, some with remote workers spread across several geographies, organizations are realizing that work should be an integral, enriching component rather than separate from “real” life. One way they’re accomplishing this is by celebrating life milestones in the workplace in a truly meaningful way.

Such celebrations can (and should) be memorable, enduring, and personalized. It should be easy for peers to share in the joy by sending a reward that the recipient will cherish and remember, and perhaps even make a charitable contribution in their name. That’s why many world-class organizations’ cultures have thrived with the help of Life Events®.

Life Events enhances your existing Social Recognition® program by boosting its impact and helping it flourish. Celebrating these milestones draws your humans back in, all while strengthening the bonds between them. Life Events awards are 10-15x more likely to have media attached and garner more comments per award, and internal data shows that daily use of the platform among employees increased by 25%.