Malcolm Gladwell on the Changing Workplace, a New Labor Market, and a Case for Fewer Meetings

June 30, 2022 Mike Lovett


With so much change in the workplace, it is worth taking a step back and looking at the larger trends shaping our working experience. Like the fact that many people are looking for jobs at organizations that didn't exist a few years ago. And they might not even live in the same time zone. And that's not really too much of a problem anymore.

Best-selling author, podcast host, and Workhuman® Live keynote speaker Malcolm Gladwell joins Stacy Thompson and the How We Work podcast to discuss the macro factors shaping work now and in the future. He also discusses what he has learned as the leader of a team and how to find what works best with every employee.

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Mike Lovett

Mike is a senior content marketing specialist at Workhuman where he writes about the next era of the workplace. Outside the workplace, he’s an avid gardener, a frequent biker, a steadily improving chef, and a fantasy sports fanatic.

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