Josh Levs on Caregiving, Workplace Flexibility, & Rebuilding Parental Leave

May 26, 2022 Mike Lovett

In our last three workplace surveys, we have found that everyone at work feels stress. But one group of employees that is consistently stressed more than their counterparts is parents. This is especially true of millennial parents and parents who started a new job during COVID.

What do companies need to do? Author and parental leave advocate, Josh Levs, joins the show to discuss how we got here, what parents really need for a less stressful working experience, and how rebuilding parental leave policies and culture is good for business.

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Mike Lovett

Mike is a senior content marketing specialist at Workhuman where he writes about the next era of the workplace. Outside the workplace, he’s an avid gardener, a frequent biker, a steadily improving chef, and a fantasy sports fanatic.

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