Team Appreciation Awards Program

Keep employees feeling connected, engaged, and appreciated for a job well done in even the most difficult of times.

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This year has been challenging for all of us, which is why recognition is needed now more than ever. It’s a perfect time to say “thank you” to those who show outstanding teamwork, dedication, commitment, and resiliency – through thick and thin.

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What are team awards?

An award processed through your recognition program that can be given to all employees or a large subgroup. Workhuman® will partner with you on the specific message you want to send and assist you in developing an appropriate value.

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Why leverage this program?

  • Acknowledge employees for their continued commitment to boost morale and engagement
  • Show genuine appreciation in a tangible way that strengthens connections
  • Create meaningful moments that empower employees to succeed through this challenging year and beyond

The team awards program comes with:

yellow checkmark Leverage existing templates from your recognition program

yellow checkmark Sample content developed by our Strategy and Consulting team as a starting point for your award ­

yellow checkmark Workhuman® processing team (2020 Thanks Center) to assist you every step of the way

yellow checkmark Post-award recognition analysis provided to leadership to see the influence and impact of the award across the company and/or teams

I need some inspiration!

It’s easy. Use a preconfigured template or build your own from the inspiration we have seen from our other customers:

icon of three people standing next to a lightbulb
Staying connected with each other in remote times
icon of a hand holding a flag
Living our purpose in the most challenging of days
icon of hand holding a circle with a checkbox
Making 2020 a year to remember for the positive things we accomplished
icon of an thunderbolt
Being cultural energizers for those who needed it most
icon of a graph with an upward trend
Breaking results records in unprecedented times
icon of a laptop on a desk with coffee cup
Turning homes into the best remote offices in the world
icon of a badge or award with a star on it
Being everyday heroes at work and in your community

Need more inspiration? Contact our 2020 Thanks Center.

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