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Easing Employee Burnout in Technology

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, employees in the technology space were plagued with long hours, never-ending requests, and extreme stress. 

A 2020 survey conducted by Blind revealed that of the 3,000 tech workers who responded, 68% reported higher levels of burnout than they did when working in the office. Workhuman® recognition data tells a similar story with heightened usage of words like “short-staffed,” “unprecedented time,” and “extra effort” being commonplace. It’s safe to say burnout is prevalent. Left unmitigated, burnout and stress can lead to lower employee engagement and satisfaction – not to mention a litany of health problems.

More than ever, it’s up to organizations and their leaders to create a more human workplace so employees can continue creating, innovating, and solving problems – while also maintaining their own health and well-being. Technology is constantly evolving. The way we work should too.

Here are three approaches to help minimize employee burnout.

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