The Retention Crisis: 3 ways to keep your top talent

Recorded Feb. 27, 2018 

The world is changing – unemployment is 4.1 percent, the lowest in 18 years with more than 6 million job openings – and top talent has their pick of opportunities, creating a costly challenge for employers.

To attract the brightest talent and avoid regrettable turnover, you need a firm answer to this critical question:

How can you distinguish yourself as an employer of choice?

Time and time again, Globoforce has seen a powerful, positive change in company culture when companies get recognition right, and findings from our 2018 Employee Recognition Report done in collaboration with SHRM corroborate that. In this webinar, Jesse Harriott, executive director, WorkHuman Research Institute, and Jennifer Reimert, vice president, solutions consulting, will provide you with people analytics and real customer stories to support your business case for change at your organizations.

You will learn:

  • What award-winning organizations do to build strong employer brands
  • How the power of people analytics supports your business case for recognition
  • Ways to enhance the employee experience

HR is embracing a new era focused on making the individual employee experience as human as possible – and forging the kind of employer brand that attracts and keeps the best people.

Jesse Harriott
Executive Director
WorkHuman Research Institute




Jennifer Reimert
Vice President Solutions Consulting


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