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Building the Best Work Culture: Why Human Connection is Key

Recorded August 1, 2018

A great work culture is built on empowering employees, giving them courage to push positive movement forward, creating peer stewards of the employee experience, and humanizing your brand from the inside out through gratitude, positivity, and mutual trust.

In this webinar, Dave Sparkman, SVP culture, and his ambassador team, responsible for the creation of the Global Ambassadors at UnitedHealth Group, will join Eileen Nolan, VP strategic accounts, Globoforce, and share some of the secret sauce behind their winning program.

The team will share:

  • How inspired employees took initiative to create a cultural ambassador program
  • How UHG got comfortable supporting such a powerful grassroots initiative
  • The process and parameters needed for a successful program
  • The impact it’s had on the business and personal/career development
  • What they do to keep the program alive and ambassadors energized