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6 Steps to Increase Employee Retention and Performance

Recorded: Nov. 14

Are you curious which programs and practices are most effective in improving employee performance and boosting retention? Do you want tips for equipping managers with the right tools that empower people to bring their best selves to work every day?

In this webinar, take a peek into the science behind a positive employee experience with Greg Stevens, Ph.D. from Globoforce and Sheri L. Feinzig, Ph.D. from IBM. Greg and Sheri will share findings from a joint study conducted by Globoforce’s WorkHuman® Analytics & Research Institute and IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute across 45 countries and 23,000 employees.

They will reveal three key drivers of a human-centric workplace and show how creating a positive employee experience can lower turnover risk and drive higher levels of discretionary effort across your organization.

Attendees will learn:

  • How positive employee experiences help organizations transform their workplace cultures and create a sustainable competitive advantage
  • The five core components of a positive employee experience, and how these elements are linked to better performance, extra effort at work, and lower turnover intentions
  • Six key organizational practices that drive more positive employee experiences, including meaningful work; recognition, feedback and growth; and empowerment and voice