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Innovation Insight: Employee Wellbeing Solutions

Workplaces shape wellbeing every day by the way they treat their employees. Those that prioritize employee wellbeing see employees who are more productive, more engaged, perform better, take fewer sick days, have fewer safety incidents, and are less likely to be burned out or quit.

Gartner® research shows “organizations are responding to increased employee burnout and decreased work-life balance satisfaction by expanding wellbeing programs.”

Gartner further says, “By 2024, organizations introducing an employee wellbeing technology strategy will be able to increase employee participation and total wellbeing improvement by up to 50%.”

“Still, only 56% of employees think their company’s executives care about their wellbeing. Most organizations do not address the root causes driving poor wellbeing to fully solve the problem:

  • Employee participation is key. Despite how much organizations have invested in their wellbeing programs to date, employee participation remains very low.
  • Many approaches are reactive. Going forward, organizations need to shift toward a longer-term, preventative approach to avoid poor wellbeing in the first place.”

Recommendations by Gartner:

“HR technology leaders supporting wellbeing initiatives through human capital management (HCM) technology must:

  • Enhance senior leadership support and strategic orientation of wellbeing investments by establishing a strategy that connects them to formal programs.
  • Plan how employee wellbeing solutions (technology and services) will connect with the wider HR technology portfolio to enhance employee experience and wellbeing program outcome insights. Consider using a provider that aggregates well-being data, workflow and analytics when deploying multiple point solutions.
  • Justify further investment through pilots where possible by supporting grassroots efforts to reduce stress to become more physically or mentally active or to create a greater sense of team spirit.”

To learn more about employee wellbeing solutions,

Download the Gartner report.

Gartner, Innovation Insight: Employee Wellbeing Solutions, John Kostoulas, 27 December 2022.

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